I can identify and authenticate your customers in 5 seconds based on their voice. 

Easy authentication of customers or  agents

Minimize   fraud

Improve the customer experience by eliminating annoying validation questions

Voice Biometrics Assertiveness 


I can take an audio of a phone conversation between a customer and an agent, which was recorded in “Mono” and return it in “Stereo”, with the voice of the customer in one channel and the voice of the agent on a separate channel.


This allows you perform way better Speech Analytics, as you can easily capture “the Voice of the Customer” and assess the agents’ performance. 

Take advantage of your call center conversation recordings to get a better analysis of what your customers are thinking and create the best strategies.



Need to deliver your product to your customer?….you’d better have an accurate customer addresses database. I can help you clean up your addresses from your current database in seconds, for greater accuracy.

Curation Rate

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