Did you know that your call center conversations are a very rich source of valuable actionable insights that you can leverage to optimize your value proposition and your customer experience? 

I can analyze all your conversations

Your QA department can typically audit about 2% of your calls. Based on my powerful AI capabilities I can analyze 100% of your customer conversations and extract actionable insights from all of them.

I can capture the “Voice of the Customer”

I can let you know why your customers are calling you, why they are  having to call you back, and what their pains, sentiments and emotions are.

I can predict your customers’ future behavior

I have the ability to predict your customers’ future behavior based on their voice. For example, I can predict the probability that they will honor their payment commitments.

I can assess your agents’ service quality performance on every call

I can automate agent performance measurement, based on a plural number of KPIs and dashboards. Not only can I assess their performance by analyzing what they are saying, but also by observing the way they are saying what they are saying.

Some of my achievements

In Speech & Text Analytics

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Collections Effectiveness
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Sales closing rate
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First call resolution
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Agent sales, collections and retention effectiveness
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Agents Training time
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Operational costs
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