Have you ever been faced with a voice bot that does not really understand you?

Not any more with Servicebots!


I can answer all your calls 24/7 with zero wait time. I can handle up to 70% of your calls myself and I can transfer the rest of your calls to a human agent.


I can conduct massive outbound call campaigns, in a very agile and cost-effective way. I will also provide you with highly structured campaign results and analytics. You’d be amazed by how fast I can execute your call campaigns. 

Know some of my skills

I am cognitive:

Which means I can understand what you tell me. This allows me to have intelligent and natural conversations with yourself,  and I can do so with human-like voices.

I am already trained

in debt collections and I can handle any payment promise date structure.

I am also trained

in handling objections. Hence, I am very good with sales.

I am agile

I can make tens of thousands of calls in a single day.

I am polite

I notice you are talking to me I stop talking, I listen carefully to what you have to say and as soon as you finish speaking I carry on with the conversation.

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