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ServiceBots revolutionizes the way you communicate with your customers.

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Have you ever been faced with a voice bot that
does not really understand you?

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I am trained to understand a patient's
symptoms and orient them according to
their criticality.

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Do you want to extract valuable
information from your conversations?

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I identify and authenticate
the identity of your customers
through their voice.

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Hi, I'm Alma,

your intelligent virtual agent.

I can help you get in touch with your customers and prospects in an agile and cost effective way, through friendly and natural conversations, with human-like voices. I can also help you identify your customer’s pains and needs, detect their intentions and emotions, and even predict their future behaviors.

How can I help you with

Conversational Artificial Intelligence today?

I would like to let you know about some of my achievements:

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Operating Costs
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Call monitoring
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Diarization Effectiveness
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Diagnostic Accuracy
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Voice Biometrics Assertiveness

Companies that have trusted me.

Shall we start the Conversational Artificial Intelligence journey together?

 Enchant your customers with the best service experience. Reach out to more customers and prospects, much faster and more cost effectively. Capture your customer’s voice and optimize your contact center performance in sales, collections and retention. Predict your future customer’s behavior and act promptly based on valuable insights.

Let's do amazing things!

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